MAY 31st, 2020



  1. All projects are listed below according to campus.
  2. Projects are first-come first-served. Projects have a limited number of participants. Once a project is filled it will no longer be available to others.
  3. Team members are required to stop by the church on Sunday, May 31, before they go to their assigned project.
    1. Teams will check-in at the Campus where their project was assigned.
    2. Each team will have a designated time to check in for their project – please abide by the assigned time so that we avoid overcrowding in a small area. (You can check back here the day before to see specific times.)
    3. Check in by the assigned time to your task/group for orientation and to pick up materials.
      • Central Campus – in front of the FLC entrance
      • Lake Carroll – by the church front entrance (pastor Gary)
      • Six Mile – by the parking lot (pastor Jeff)
    4.  There may be budget dollars for last minute supplies.
    5. Pick up the church “Invite cards” with church information.
    6. Everyone is responsible for transportation to their own project.
    7. Groups will wear a designed t-shirt made specially for this event.

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Date: May 31, 2020

Where:Mission Hill Church - Lake Carroll Campus, 12012 N. Rome Ave., Tampa, FL 33612 Contact: Eliel Berger Contact Email: DESCRIPTION: Teams will provide quarters or pay for the laundry service at laundromats around the campus ONE TEAM GROUP SIZE:  up to 8 people on a team

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What Available Spots
Workers #1: Ava C.
#2: Belinda R.
#3: Sandy G.
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