So, what is a Community Group?

Mission Hill Community Groups help people to both begin and continue growing in Christ by studying the Bible, building relationships through small groups, and serving the needs of others.

Need an alternative to Sunday morning? Find out about our off-campus Home Groups which meet during the week.


Sunday 9:30 am Community Groups


Sunday 9:30 am Classes

Mission Hill Preschool
Susan Baisley, Belinda Rensch

Room 307

The Preschool Ministry exists to lay the foundation for preschoolers to begin to take their first steps towards a relationship with Christ. Preschoolers discover the wonder of who God is and His wonderful plans for them under the care of loving, trained and screened volunteers.

Mission Hill Kids

Room 316

While adults attend Community Groups and worship services, kids in kindergarten through 5th grade experience God’s Word through interactive worship, creative Bible teaching and relationship time together.

Mission Hill Students
Savannah Howard
Russell Osborne

Youth House (across the street)

Every Sunday there is a time for students to connect in community groups where they spend time studying the Bible. Finding a group is the best way to build relationships with other students and develop the desire to study God’s Word

Mission Hill College
Bill Cook

Room 102

This class gives college students an opportunity to connect with other Christ followers. Students are given tools to use to apply the Biblical teaching they receive on Sunday mornings to their everyday life. Students from all of our local universities are represented.

Adult Coed
Trent Stallings

Room 103

We are studying to show ourselves approved unto God by going through His Word, book by book. We are loving one another and being willing to bear one another’s burdens.

Friends Searching Scripture
Bill and Priscilla Rohr

Room 209

Our lessons are Scripture based with a mix of teaching and lively discussion. We are friends who keep each other uplifted in prayer and support as we continue growing spiritually.

Women of a Certain Age
Sandy Garcia

Room 203

We are women of all ages, cultures and seasons of life. Our class engages in discussion and in-depth study of Scripture. Together we are growing in knowledge of truth and principles of God’s Word, in a friendly, casual atmosphere

Joyful Sisters
Bettye Owens

Room 206

We are women who will engage in in-depth Bible studies each week. This discussion based class helps members take the Word of God and apply it to their daily lives.

Senior Women
Pat Tinkey

Room 204

Our class is committed to sharing, caring and growing. Each week we share with one another as we grow in our faith by studying God’s Word. We are a class committed to caring for each other in any and all of our struggles.

Senior Men
David Tinkey

Room 202

This class focuses on studying the Bible and helps men find out how God works in their lives. This class will be an encouragement to men who look for good Bible study and friendship.